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Personal Iteration

Trying things, Learning and Making Adjustments


It goes hand-in-hand with exploration.

2018 was a year of exploration: My family visited all 50 states in just 6 months.

We took it as it came.

I learned to focus and get work done anywhere with a wifi-fi connection. My husband learned to independently manage two children on the road without much of plan.

It opened our eyes to a lot. It taught us that, despite how much we had traveled before, we lacked perspective.

It taught us about what we prioritize in this life. It taught us to drop the things that don't matter and to live and give more fully while we're here.

It brought me to where I am today in 2019: Iterating.

Personal iteration is granting oneself the permission to ebb and flow - to test things in an effort to learn, adjust and grow. Iteration has become an important practice for me.

Why am I sharing this?

Iteration is a word we most often associate with our work products (think software iteration, product iteration, program iteration, etc.).

There is a lot more context to this word - context often overlooked.

Reflecting upon and practicing personal iteration will open up new doors for you. It will allow you to become in-tune with yourself and show up more fully in everything you do.

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